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Peter Colberg

Information and swimming - The Léman

Find out all the information you need to enjoy swimming at the lake!

Temperatures on the lake
The site offers bathers free real-time information on the temperature of the water on Lake Geneva's various beaches.

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Peter Colberg
How to act on the lake

Preserving certain areas


Lakes invite us to move freely across their vast surface, whether by our own means or with the help of the elements, on a board or in a boat.
At the same time, the waters are natural habitats for birds, fish and other living organisms.
In many places, man and nature can flourish side by side. The sections of shoreline that are built on or served by paths can generally be used for leisure activities from the water without any problem. Offshore, too, water sports enthusiasts have plenty of freedom of movement.


On the water with respect’ campaign

The ‘On the water with respect’ campaign provides information on the relationship between nature sports and the disturbance caused to wildlife and its habitats. It shows recreational and sports enthusiasts how they can travel on the water while respecting nature. Towards recommendations for behaviour. The campaign began in summer 2020 in two pilot regions: the upper part of Lake Zurich and Lake Geneva (Grand-Lac area). It was aimed primarily at stand-up paddlers and canoeists.

More information on the ‘On the water with respect’ campaign

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Peter Colberg
Beach map and quality of bathing water
Find out about the quality of the bathing water at the 120 beaches along Lake Geneva thanks to the interactive map, which is updated every year.

Beach map

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